SUNY,Xianfeng Gu教授,Jie Gao教授 学术报告


题目1: Computational Geometry Theories and Applications
报告人:Prof. Xianfeng Gu
State University of New York at Stony Brook
摘要:Computational conformal geometry is an emerging inter-disciplinary field, which combines Riemann surface theory with computer science. We will briefly introduce the fundamental theorems and the computational algorithms in the field, especially holomorphic differential form method and discrete surface Ricci flow. We will demonstrate its applications in graphics, vision, geometric modeling, medical imaging and networking as well.

题目2:Geometric Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks
报告人:Prof. Jie Gao
State University of New York at Stony Brook
摘要:Wireless sensor networks have provided a unique opportunity for real time, large scale, high resolution environmental monitoring. The close relationship of sensor nodes with their embedded physical space imposes a unique geometric character to such systems. The physical locations of the sensor nodes greatly impact the system design in all aspects from low-level networking and organization to high-level information processing and applications. From a networking point of view, node placement clearly influences network connectivity and sensing coverage, which subsequently affects basic network organization such as clustering and localization, as well as naming and routing in the network. From an application point of view, sensor readings exhibit spatial correlations that can be exploited for data compression, approximation and validation. This talk surveys a number of recent algorithms which exploit geometric structures for sensor network operation and design.

时间:2011年8月12日 下午3:00-5:00



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