Workshop on Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups


Time:August 24 ? 27, 2013

Room:Management R & D Building 1611 meeting room
      University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei

Organisers: Yun Gao,Yucai Su, Yuezhu Wu, Ruibin Zhang, Ying Zhou

Contact: Yuezhu Wu  13962492946,
         Ying Zhou

The programme of the workshop consists of a series of lectures by Professor Hechun Zhang for young researchers, and research talks by  participants. 

Lecture series

Title: Crystal Bases in Tensor product

Speaker: Professor Hechun Zhang, Tsinghua University

Abstract: These lectures give a review of some results on the Kashiwara crystals defined for Kac-Moody algebras. We will focus on the tensor product of crystal bases. The tensor product structure on crystals has several quite astonishing consequences. Firstly it allows one to build interesting crystals from very simple ones; secondly it enables one to formulate and prove a uniqueness theorem for crystals; and thirdly it gives an elementary proof of the refined PRV conjecture.

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