2014 USTC,Mini-Workshop on Reaction-diffusion Equations





  点:管理科研楼  澳门新葡新京1518会议室






13: 30-14:15

Wantong Li

Lanzhou University

Invasion Entire Solutions in a Competition System with Nonlocal Dispersa

14: 15-15: 00

Francois Hamel

Aix-Marseille niversité

Transition fronts for the Fisher-KPP equation

15: 00-15: 20

Coffee time

15: 20-16: 05

Claude-Michel Brauner

(University of Bordeaux)

Self-consistent equations for the flame front in some combustion models

16: 05-16: 50

Jerome Coville

Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI

Convergence to equilibrium in some mutation selection model


8: 30-9: 15

Xuefeng Wang

Tulane University

Global bifurcation theory for Fredholm operators and application to chemotaxis systems

9: 15-10: 00

Yuan Lou

(Ohio state university

Renmin university of China)

Dispersal in advective environments

10: 00-10: 45

Mingxin Wang

(Harbin Institute of Technology)

A diffusive logistic equation with a free boundary and sign-changing coefficient in time-periodic environment



 School of Mathematical Sciences,University of Science and Technology of China


 Wu Wen-Tsun Key Laboratory of  Mathematics, USTC,  Chinese Academy of  Sciences


 National Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences, CAS(Hefei)


感    谢:  国家自然科学基金委

     The National Natural Science Foundation of China


     The Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program of the Central Organization Department



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