Introduction to the foliation theory and Lie groupoids【YI Lin】


题目:Introduction to the foliation theory and Lie groupoids


主讲人:林毅 教授,美国 Georgia Southern University




              201659日(周一)     晚上19:00―21:30


              2016511日(周三)     晚上19:00―21:30







              2016517日(周二)     晚上19:00―21:30


              20165月19日(周四)     晚上19:00―21:30


              2016524日(周二)     晚上19:00―21:30


              2016526日(周四)     晚上19:00―21:30


              2016531日(周二)     晚上19:00―21:30


              20166 2日(周四)     晚上19:00―21:30


                点:管研楼  1318




In this mini-course, I intend to give a quick introduction to the theory of foliation and Lie groupoids. I am planning to start from the basic notions and examples in the general foliation theory, and then move to the more specialized  topics,  such as basic differential forms and basic cohomology, and Molino's structure theory of Riemannian foliations. If time permits, I would also like to introduce the basic notions in Lie groupoids, as it is an important technical tool in the modern approach to foliation theory. 



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