Minicourse:Harmonic functions and their frequency, nodal sets【徐国义】



时  间:2月8日(16:00-18:00),2月9日(10:00-12:00),2月11日(10:00-12:00),2月12日(10:00-12:00)

地  点:1418

摘  要:This series talks are based on classical results about harmonic functions’ frequency, polynomial growth, nodal sets. We mainly follow Lin-Garofalo, Colding-Minicozzi, Lin-Han, Cheeger-Naber-Valtorta, Logunov. We emphasize the relation between the existence of non-trivial harmonic function, frequency, the size of nodal sets. The lectures will be detailed in techniques, but also informal with many open questions among the talks.

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