Workshop: Graphs on fire


Room:Management R & D Building 1518 (管理科研楼 1518),USTC


09:00-09:05  Opening
09:05-09:50  Yong Lin (Renmin University of China)
             Heat kernel of n-forms of sub-graphs of a complete graph
10:10-10:55  Jack Koolen (USTC)
             On graphs with smallest eigenvalue at least-3
11:05-11:50  Shuang Liu (Tsinghua University)
             Buser's inequality on infinite graphs
14:00-14:45  Florentin Münch (Potsdam University)
             Approximation of the discrete Neumann heat kernel
15:05-15:50  Supanat Kamtue (Durham University)
             Piecewise linearity of the idleness function of Ollivier's curvature
16:10-16:55  Bobo Hua (Fudan University)
             Fake Spherical Tilings

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