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Mini-Course I:Two soliton collision for nonlinear Schrodinger equations in dimension
主讲人Galina Perelman (LAMA, Université Paris- Est Créteil)
时间2019年8月16日         下午    14:00-16:00
地点东区管理科研楼  澳门新葡新京1418室

摘要I am going to consider the problem of collision of two stable solitons for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation $i/psi_t=-/psi_{xx}+F(|/psi|^2)/psi,/ F(/xi)=-2/xi+0(/xi^2)$ as $/xi/to 0$, in the case where one soliton is small with respect to the other, and to show that in general the two soliton structure is not preserved after the collision: while the large soliton survives, the small one splits into two outgoing waves that for sufficiently long times can be controlled by the cubic NLS: $i/psi_t=-/psi_{xx}=-2|/psi|^2/psi$.


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