10-15【Christian Blohmann】五教5506 GAP研讨班系列讲座之174


题目: Hamiltonian actions: from integrable systems to hamiltonian Lie algebroids

报告人:Christian Blohmann(MPIM, Bonn)

时间: 2019年1015日, 周 下午16:00-17:30 


摘要:I will give a tour of the notion of hamiltonian actions from basic concepts to recent developments. In the first hour I will give a self contained review of the following topics: conserved quantities in classical mechanics; integrability; hamiltonian group actions; toric manifolds, Guillemin-Sternberg convexity theorem, Delzant reconstrucion; symplectic reduction; Bochner-Weinstein linearizaton at critical points. In the last half hour I will describe a recent generalization of hamiltonian actions to Lie algebroids and Lie groupoids, which is motivated by a study of the symmetries of General Relativity. This is joint work with Alan Weinstein.


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