10-28【Peng Song】管楼1418 国家数学与交叉科学中心合肥分中心报告


题目:Computational Design of Functional Assemblies 

报告人:Peng Song, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore




A functional assembly refers to a collection of parts joined together to form an object with a specific functionality. Designing functional assemblies is a challenging task since we need to consider not only geometry of each individual part and their local joining, but also structural and functional performance of the whole assembly. In this talk, I will describe the recent progress in computational design of functional assemblies with nontrivial shapes, topologies, and functionalities. I will focus on two recent research works: 1) interlocking assemblies that can be in equilibrium under arbitrary external forces and torques; and 2) mechanical assemblies that can achieve user-specified motions to entertain people. Finally, I will discuss the outlook of the field and present its open challenges.

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