Almost pulsating waves in time-space periodic media


Title:Almost pulsating waves in time-space periodic media

Speaker: Fang JianHarbin Institute of Technology

Time:2019-11-26     14:30--15:30

Place: Room 1418, School of Mathematical Sciences, Management Research Building, East Campus

Abstract:Pulsating wave has a property of recurrence up to certain time and space shifts. It plays an important role in the study of propagation dynamics for reaction-diffusion equations in time or space periodic media, but evidently it may not exist in time-space periodic media. In this talk, for a class of dynamical systems admitting the comparison principle, we construct a kind of generalized transition wave that was introduced by H. Berestycki and F. Hamel in 2012. It turns out that the constructed transition wave has a property of almost recurrence. The almost property reflects the joint influence of time and space periodicities. This talk is based on joint works with Xiao Yu and Xiaoqiang Zhao.

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