12-25【Liu Yue】管楼1418 吴文俊数学重点实验室数学物理系列报告之2019-18


题目:Stability of peakons of the shallow water modeling with cubic nonlinearity

报告人:Liu YueUniversity of Texas Arlington TX





摘要:In this talk, I will start by demonstrating the underlying complexity of the physical system,and then I will discuss possible simplifications in the shallow water regime along with the relevant physical phenomena. In particular, I will derive some simplified nonlocal shallow-water models with cubic nonlinearity, such as integrable Novikov and Modified Camassa-Holm-type equations. It is shown these approximating model equations possess a single peaked soliton and multi-peakon solutions. Finally I will prove the single peaked soliton is orbitally stable in the energy space.




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